Welcome to Women with Purpose!

We are a unique ministry in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) that offers small group Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship to women in a way that caters to the schedule of a professional.

Our mission is to help women in the workforce know, understand, and experience their purpose in Christ.

Other current opportunities for learning and growth include luncheons and evening events.  In the future, we hope to add a one-day conference and mission trips.

If you are interested in having a Bible study where you work, being discipled, being informed about future events, or in more information about Women with Purpose in general, please contact us.  We would love to talk to you!


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  1. Good morning,
    I’m interested in hearing about future events and more information about Women with Purpose in general.
    Thank you, Pamela

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